1. What do I need to do to sell on Gameroo?

Click here to begin your registration.

2. How do I get paid and when?

You get paid directly by Paypal as soon as an item is dispatched and the funds will be ready to withdraw.

3. How can I contact Gameroo?

Contact us via email and request a call-back if you need one.

4. What payment accounts can I use?

Paypal is our exclusive payment provider.

5. Are there minimum contract lengths?

All sellers are on a simple 30 day rolling contract with no penalties for cancellations, which can take place at any time.

6. How do I pay my subscription fee?

Your subscription fee will be deducted from your credit or debit card, via Paypal each month on the same day that you made the initial payment.

7. Do all products need to have barcodes?

In order to precisely match your products against those on our database, exact barcodes are required so that we can be certain of a match.

8. Can other sellers sell the same products?

Yes indeed, many products will have more than one seller, selling items in varying conditions at varying prices.

9. What can I sell on Gameroo?

Currently you can sell physical discs, either New or Used, for all the Playstation, Xbox and Switch consoles. Soon we will be adding more retro consoles such as the Sega Megadrive, Commodore Amiga and even Atari and ZX Spectrum platforms. Additionally we will be offering gaming merchandise and accessories as soon as we can.

10. Are there products I can’t sell?

Counterfeit merchandise is of course, not permitted, but otherwise, as long as a match is found within our products, then you can sell it.

11. What if buyers have a problem with their order?

In the first instance they can message sellers directly with any issues they may have, and also via the seller page specifically they can contact vendors directly with questions about products and delivery.

If there is a problem that is not being resolved satisfactorily, disputes can be opened with PayPal and in some cases they will be covered by the PayPal Buyer Protection scheme. 

12. How does Gameroo protect sellers?

Ultimately we will resolve any and all disputes that cannot be resolved independently or via PayPal.

13. Do you work with multi-channel seller software?

Not at the moment but we have some major integrations in the pipeline. Contact us directly if you would like us to help with any bulk uploads.